The Canine Cottage ... a fresh face and a friendly place.

Tucked into a beautiful three-acre property in the quaint town of Cottageville, SC,
The Canine Cottage offers all the comforts of home when your four-legged friend
just can’t come along for the ride. Your pet can spend his days digging holes playing
and socializing with other dogs or just lounging on the green banks of the pond
on our property. The Canine Cottage guarantees 24-hour supervision and a vet on-call.
At The Canine Cottage your pup spends the night in Heike Kibler’s home. Boarding your dog
at The Canine Cottage is a clean and safe alternative where opportunities for
an extra scratch between the ears abound.


10490 Cottageville Highway, Cottageville, SC 29435 Telephone:843-209-7540 or 843-835-8498