Boarding costs at The Canine Cottage are $20.00 per overnight stay (up to 24 hours)  and $10 for daycare (up to 12 hours).

Multiple Pet Discounts for overnight boarding : For the second dog from the same household, you pay $15.00 per day.
Any additional dog from the same household costs $10.00 per day.

Extra Services: If you board your pet for two weeks, you receive a voucher for a free weekend (Fri-Sun). For more than two weeks, we give special discounts which will be determined on an individual basis.


Prices will vary according to the scope and duration of the desired training, but generally one session (1 ½ hours) is comparably priced at $ 75.  Heike Kibler ensures that a training session is not over until the desired lesson has been under- stood    “by both ends of the leash.”

Multiple Session Discounts:
Should you prefer more intensive guidance, The Canine Cottage offers a
4-session class for $280.

Immersion Training:
A two-week program where your dog is boarded at The Canine Cottage
and trained by Heike costs $700.


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